History of our company

Charting Our Journey: The Evolution of Mariposa Lifestyle

Mariposa Lifestyle is a proud subsidiary of Women’s Outfront, a platform known for its commitment to celebrating and empowering women across all walks of life. Women’s Outfront envisioned creating a digital space where women could find support, resources, and inspiration on their journey to self-fulfillment and independence. It was in this vision that Mariposa Lifestyle was born.

Mariposa Lifestyle, launched in 2023, was designed to extend the Women’s Outfront philosophy, broadening our support for women by offering a unique and sophisticated lifestyle experience. Focusing on financial independence and work-life balance, Mariposa presents a curated selection of elegant apparel and enchanting jewelry, each piece an embodiment of our commitment to inspiring personal growth. We at Mariposa Lifestyle strive to create a brand and a community where every woman can embrace the harmony of a distinctly her lifestyle.

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Spring Promise

A promise from all of us to you

From the heart of Mariposa Lifestyle, we promise to stand by your side as you chart your path to financial independence and work-life balance. We commit to providing you with an array of meticulously curated pieces, each designed to inspire personal growth and uplift your spirit. As you weave your unique narrative, we vow to be your constant, offering a haven of support, inspiration, and sophistication. Your journey, your aspirations, and your dreams matter to us.

As we grow together, we promise to continually adapt and evolve to serve you better, honoring your trust in us. At Mariposa Lifestyle, you’re not just a customer but a valued member of our vibrant, empowering community.

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