Mariposa Bubble-free Sticker


Featuring our resilient and high-opacity adhesive vinyl stickers, perfect for everyday use or giving a fresh look to other stickers or paint. The premium vinyl ensures a swift, bubble-free application.

• Exceptionally opaque film
• Quick, effortless, and bubble-free application
• Robust vinyl, ideal for indoor utilization
• Superior 95µ density

Ensure a clean surface before sticker application for optimal results.

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Presenting Mariposa’s Bubble-free stickers, a symbolic extension of our brand’s commitment to individual transformation and empowerment. Our sticker features a vibrant pink butterfly, echoing the essence of Mariposa – a Spanish term for butterfly, symbolizing change, resilience, and beauty.

Printed on durable, high-opacity adhesive vinyl, these stickers can endure regular use and are ideal for revamping other stickers or paint. The superior quality vinyl guarantees a bubble-free application, ensuring a smooth and seamless expression of your unique identity.

• High-opacity film that conceals underlying surfaces
• Quick, easy, and bubble-free application
• Robust vinyl ideal for indoor use
• 95µ density for lasting quality

Remember, for the best results, clean the surface before applying your symbol of transformation. Unleash the butterfly within you!


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